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The township of Conceição, a part of the city of Ribeira Grande, which spans and area of 12.74 sq. Km is surrounded by the sea and by the townships of Água d’ Alto (municipality of Vila Franca do Campo), Ribeira Seca and Nossa Senhora da Estrela (municipality of Ribeira Grande). According to the results from the last population census, it registers a total of 1797 inhabitants (2001).

This township is thus named because of its patron saint Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Gaspar Frutuoso thus describes it: “(…) And in the Vila of Ribeira Grande in this island where it was placed a shrine to Nossa Senhora da Conceição which was in open land in old times lower than other andfater that, under it, another run, mixed with sand, that claimed the sea in a large area.”

In the beginning iof its settlement the inhabitants of Ribeira Grande settled in the east side of the river. However shortly after the elevation of the place to City status, the people started also to settle in the opposite shore which developed in such a way that in few years the majority of the population was on this side outskits of town that was formed in the locality of Conceição, elevated to the condition of parish in February 21, 1707.

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