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Pico da Pedra

The parish of Pico da Pedra, situated on the north coast, is bound by the parishes of Calhetas and Rabo de Peixe (Ribeira Grande municipality), Livramento, São Roque, Fajã de Cima and Fenais da Luz (Ponta Delgada county).

Pico da Pedra, or “Stone Peak” comes from a nearby peak of basalt stone. Pico da Pedra was firs inhabited in the mid 16th century, and belonged to the parish of Rabo de Peixe. In the 19th century, the inhabitants asked for Pico da Pedra to be raised to the status of parish.

The most important church in the parish is the Parish Church of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, built in the 19th century.

In the Trabalhador Square there is an imposing drinking fountain,  built in 1836, commemorating the introduction of piped water in the parish. One should also mention the fountain on the Rua João Luis Pacheco da Câmara, built in 1876, and the fountain in the  Restauração Square, inaugurated in October, 1882.

The parish of Pico da Pedra has a local Museum, run by the Parish Council, which has two rooms, one containing elements of local history and another which functions as an art gallery.

A pleasant green zone, with numerous species of Azorean plants is part of the installations of the Village Hall, which includes a Sports Complex and a Children’s Playground.

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