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Ribeira Seca

Ribeira Seca is a city parish of Ribeira Grande’s municipality with secular traditions, characterized by a young dynamic population with proud in the promotion is patrimony and cultural heritage.

The Cavalhadas of São Pedro, which take place on june 29th, at same time of commemoration of the promotion to city of Ribeira Grande, are one of the most remarkable events of its day life.

Before the holiday on june 29th, men and women work very hard in the preparation ot the “Alâmpadas” of São Pedro, whose uniqueness and beauty enchant the streets and houses of this parish in a game of colours and unique singular shapes.

In the eve of this same day, takes place the Marches of São Pedro, with more than 600 participants on a parade through the parish in a perfect combination of songs, dances and costumes.

The largest natural, cultural and architectonic patrimony, as the wonderful sandy beach of Santa Barbara surrounded by natural beauty, much appreciated by all of those which visit it us to practice nautical sports like surf, or simply walk beside the sea, are reasons to justify the visit to this parish.

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