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Santa Bárbara

Integrated in the city of Ribeira Grande, the parish of Santa Bárbara is bordered by the sea and the villages of Rabo de Peixe, Ribeira Seca (municipality of Ribeira Grande), Cabouco, Rosário e Santa Cruz (municipality of Lagoa).

The toponym of this parish is connected to the construction of the first church of Santa Bárbara.

The settlement of this parish began around 1643. Primarly, these settlers dominated “Lomba” to which they joined “da Ribeira Seca”, for belonging to this township. Nevertheless, latter on, probably at the end of the 18th century it was here constructed a church in evocation to Nossa Senhora de Santa Bárbara, for which the “Lomba” expanded “Santa Bárbara” – patron saint -, satying permanently called “Lomba de Santa Bárbara”.

Dedicated to the saint of the parish, his Parish Church was built in the end of the 20th century. In a modern style it has a hight altar with an imposing Christ on the cross, surrounded by stained glass windows.

The old Parish Church, closed when the new church was inaugurated, is currently used as the parish social centre.

The Santa Bárbara parish and surrounding area has many beautiful Fountains and Drinking Fountains, some over a hundred years old.

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