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TM01 - Trilho da Ponta do Cintrão

Difficulty Easy
Distance 12.3km
Duration 4h

This municipal trail begins at the viewpoint of Palheiro, along the north coast, passing through the center of the town called Ribeirinha until you reach the Vigia das Baleias and the lighthouse which are both located at the Ponta do Cintrão.

During your walk you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the north coast, highlighting the view you have of the Volcanic Massif of Sete Cidades.

Interest Points

  1. Palheiro Viewpoint – This viewpoint is a privileged area which gives you a singular view of Ribeira Grande’s coastal and urban area, it also gives you the view of its northern coastal beaches and of the Serra de Água de Pau Mountain.
  2. The Whale lookout point Vigia das Baleias – built in 1943 by São Miguel’s “União das Armações Baleeiras” (UABSM). It served as a lookout point for the whaling companies at the end of the 19th century, and the first half of the 20th century. It provides a view of the north coast, in between the towns of Capelas and Fenais da Ajuda, you can also see the volcanic area of Fogo (Fire).
  3. ?Ponta do Cintrão Lighthouse* – this structure was inaugurated in 1957, it is composed of a 14 meter high lighthouse, the accommodations for its keeper and its annex, located on top of the cliff which is called the Ponta do Cintrão, with an altitude which varied in between 60 and 100 meters. This structure is one of São Miguel’s largest capes, belonging to the volcanic area of Fogo which was made up of drained thickened trachyte lava, also known as “domes”. *Tme schedule: Wednesday: 02h00, 03h00 and 04h00 PM
  4. Town of Ribeirinha – With information given by the famous historian Gaspar Frutuoso, Ribeirinha received its town name “because it is much smaller the Ribeira Grande” it is one of the nucleus’s which constituents Ribeira Grande. In the center of the town standing out is the Santíssimo Salvador do Mundo Church, it dates back to the first half of the 19th century and next to it you will find the small river which gave this town its name.



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