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TM04 - Trilho Ladeira da Velha

Difficulty Medium
Distance 7 Km
Duration 2h30

The Ladeira da Velha trail, located in the parish of Porto Formoso, begins close to the entrance to Moinhos Beach and has a circular route that runs along the entire seafront of the Ladeira da Velha peninsula. Hikers will be able to enjoy several panoramic views over the north coast and visit the ruins of the old Ladeira baths, as well as the Limbo stream waterfall.

Points of interest:

Ladeira da Velha Belvedere
Ilhéus Belvedere
Furado Belvedere
Ruins of the Ladeira da Velha Bathhouse
Ruins of the Bath Tank
Nossa Senhora da Graça Spring
Ribeira do Limbo Waterfall



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