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TM03 - Trilho da Barquinha

Difficulty Medium
Distance 3km
Duration 2h

This municipal trail begins at the eastern limit of Lomba da Maia village, on the regional highway. It is a small linear route that starts on an asphalt road. After 50 meters walking, turn left into an old walking path which was used by farmers and millers on their daily routine during the 20th century.

The coastline between Ribeira Funda and Maia village’s is still known for its vineyards and fruit crops, and also in the use of its corn mills. During your walk you can enjoy various views of the coastline. The route ends at the secondary highway, which gives access to the Praia da Viola (beach).

Interest Points:

1 – Shelter – Structure used to give shelter to farmers and millers. The millers came to grind their corn and wheat to the mills of Ribeira Funda, which were located on the riverside’s banks, designated, according to the chronicler Gaspar Fructuoso (1522-1591) “this name was given because both sides were of very high altitudes, which is why it was also called “Grota Funda”.

2 – Eira Viewpoint - A flat area where the local population carried out the beating of their dried bean crops.“ Sem beira nem beira”– Popular Portuguese Proverb The “threshing Floor” was a very important space in the daily lives of the rural population. The poorest families did not have a threshing floor and did not have possibilities to build rooftops for their homes with borders. This area was kindly allowed to be used by the Amaral family.

3 – Barquinha - A small peninsula formed by a basaltic lava flow, used by the population for fishing and bathing in the ocean. Located at the mouth of the Ribeira do Preto (Black riverside), according to the chronicler Gaspar Fructuoso (1522-1591) designated “Grota do Preto”, because there was a man who lived there, who was not too white.



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